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Sponsoring Trees

How long will it take to receive my certificate?

You sponsored a tree via the Sponsor a Tree page.

The certificate processing is then carried out by our team at the headquarters of the association in Nois-le-Grand, in the Paris region. When we receive your donation, we will need to publish your sponsorship certificate based on the information you provided at the time of your donation.
We mail out paper certificates once or twice a week. The deadline for receipt varies from a few days to two weeks depending on the day of your donation, your place of residence and the constraints of Post's information.

In order for us to meet this deadline for sending your certificate, please refer to the "FAQ - How to fill out the "Sponsor a Tree" donation form" to avoid shipping errors, especially in the case of a certificate to offer.

Finally, we adapt as much as possible to offer you a 100% digital alternative in exceptional situations. Contact us by email at, if necessary. Attention, sponsoring a tree remains above all a solidarity and committed act beyond the consideration that represents the paper certificate you receive. We do our utmost to send your certificates as soon as possible. However, some periods of the year lead to shorter delivery times (summer, year-end holidays).

How do I fill out the donation form?

Which option?

The options "Kit 1 tree", "Kit 3 trees", "Kit 5 trees", each correspond to the edition of a single certificate on which you will find the number of sponsored abbrs corresponding.

We can’t edit 3 different certificates for three people if you select the option "1 Kit 3 trees" to 15 €. The proposed decreasing price is linked to the reduction of the processing time of certificate in case you want to offer the sponsorship of several trees to the same person.
What’s the shipping address?

In case you want to send the certificate directly to a loved one as a gift. Please fill in all of his contact details: NAME, NAME, complete shipping address (ADDRESS, POSTAL CODE, CITY, COUNTRY, in the question provided for this purpose, entitled: COMPLETE shipping address for the certificate? (IF DIFFERENT from the billing address)*.

If you want to receive the certificate at home, and offer it later, you do not need to fill in this question

Am I the owner of the tree I sponsor?

No, sponsoring a tree with Heart of the Forest is a gift. With this donation you choose to support the planting of a tree on one of our projects, but you also support all actions against deforestation/malforestation on our projects. For more details on our intervention model and the actions funded through your tree sponsorship, go to our presentation page.

In return for your donation, you receive a certificate of sponsorship that tells you about the plot where the tree you are sponsoring will be located, thanks to the GPS position indicated in it. The certificate is given to the person of your choice, symbolically, so that you keep a record of your commitment to the forests.

Can I visit the tree I sponsored?

The trees you sponsor through your donations may either have already been planted or they will be planted in the next planting season. For this reason, we advise you to contact us before planning a field visit. What project did you support? Abroad, if you plan a trip to the country where you supported us, it is possible to visit our teams. However, please contact us well in advance so that we can anticipate the arrival of visitors in the planning of activities of our teams on site. Under no circumstances can we provide you with accommodation or transportation. They will be entirely at your expense if you wish to visit the planting plots. The visit of a plot will be subject to the agreement of its owners (beneficiary producer or community concerned). We therefore advise you to contact us at a very early stage because the time required to contact farmers in some countries can be long. In France, the sponsored trees are planted on private plots, so we will have to take care with our owner partners and have their agreement before visiting their plot. This is easier to organize than on projects abroad but we advise you to start the process as soon as possible before your visit. However, if the parcel concerned is on the side of the road, you have the possibility to go there to see it without prior authorization as long as you respect the paths and terms of access posted on site (do not cross barriers, do not walk off the paths).

Tax exemption

Tax reduction for individuals?

The association Coeur de Forêt is an organization of general interest

As such, in return for the donations it receives, the association issues tax receipts (CERFA N° 11580*03) entitling its donors to deduct 66% of the amount of the donation from the amount of their income tax up to a limit of 20% of taxable income.
When the amount of donations exceeds the 20% limit of taxable income, the excess is carried forward over the next 5 years and is eligible for the tax reduction under the same conditions. In the event of new payments in subsequent years, deferred surpluses are eligible for the tax reduction before payments in the year. Priority is given to the oldest surpluses.

Sources and further information:

Tax reduction for companies?

The association Coeur de Forêt is an organization of general interest
As such, in return for the donations it receives, the association issues tax receipts (CERFA N° 11580*03) entitling its patrons to deduct 60% of the amount of the donation from the amount of their turnover tax within the limit of 0.5% of the annual turnover.

Sources and further information:


As an SME, is patronage for me?

Absolutely, all donors are welcome. Free donation, sharing products, further commitment, depending on you means and your project we build a suitable sponsorship project. Contact us by email for more details:


I have already made a donation to Cœur de Forêt. Am I a member?

First of all we would like to thank you for your support! Whether you are a monthly donor, have made a free donation or have sponsored a tree, hive or bees on one of our projects, THANK YOU! It is thanks to you that the projects we develop can move forward year after year. If you have made a donation of €15 or more via our website you will receive an email to become a member for free and simply. All you need to do is fill out the membership form and enter the promo code you received by email as a thank you for your donation.

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